9 services for free international phone calls
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Author Igor Emelyanov

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When we speak of calls over the Internet, we usually have in mind in connection PC-PC. Calls using Skype and similar applications. At the bell phones we do not as often and in vain. There are many websites that allow free calls anywhere. All you need - headphones, microphone, internet. We selected for you the best of nine sites to pozabutomu you could call a friend or parent to some distant country.


From this site you can call anywhere by simply dialing the top of the page. In Evaphone a Russian interface, so problems should not arise. Once you whack nahovorytes free (in the limit map, you'll spend a long time), you will pay for calls. Price ridiculous. Cheaper than Skype for sure.


To use this service, you need to download small application (Windows, Linux, Mac). You can call in any country and even send free sms. Limit calls - 300 minutes and one week. Wrap minutes for the next week you can not.


This site is only one restriction on free calls. You can make as many calls in those countries, calls that cost less corresponds to 5 per minute. In the tariff of such a grid service about fifty.


To call using this site you do not need microphones and headphones. Call can be directly on your mobile. Limit - 50 calls per month with the limitation of 10 minutes a call.

Calls to more than 30 countries directly from your browser. No download is required, just dial the number and wait. As is clear from the name - the application based on Flash, which may alienate some of the audience.

MediaRing Talk

Free calls to a certain number of important global regions. U.S., Central Asia, Canada, Australia. You can use the phone for calls.

Globe 7

This kind of control that is built in messenger and other programs. In addition to actually call around the world are still sending free sms, Online Radio and many more optional, but of good bonuses. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux.


Service uses your Internet connection to turn your computer into the phone, simply connecting it to the telephone network. You can call for free any number, but only in the U.S. and Canada, with the limitation of 5 minutes call. But there is a app for iPhone and iPod Touch.


To try to call using this service you must first register. Service gives you a phone number through which you can call for free right in your browser.

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