Scripts help Internet users
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Scripts help Internet usersIn today's development of Web JavaScript has played a key role: JQuery, MooTools, Prototype JavaScript and other JavaScript libraries have made our life much easier.
Recently, IBM launched a new free online service, announcing that he will be able to perform some routine work users. And the most diverse work that wish to users themselves.
The meaning of development is to provide an interface that allows users to incrementally record the sequence of actions that they regularly perform, and provide a mechanism that this sequence will play. Developed by the Research Center IBM Almaden Research service called CoScripter. Again, using a special scripting language.
One of the 10 most popular plug-ins in 2010 Greasemonkey realizes the idea of modifying HTML-content on the client side. This allows the user to "fire fox" to create your own scripts (the so-called UserScripts), change the page that loads the browser, through the introduction to their code of additional scripts. Using Greasemonkey, you can customize to your taste the appearance of almost any Internet resource.
Most importantly - have a record of experience in programming, and if there is no such, then borrow a ready-made scripts from the site
Let us try in our project show interesting scenarios, as well as to teach himself to create them. So read:


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