Mobile Internet Security
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Mobile Internet Security

Mobile Internet is gaining momentum, and therefore attracts every "now". Why be afraid of users of mobile Internet and how to protect against different dangers of mobile phone usage - it in this project.
Recently the company F-Secure reported a historic event - "finally" found first SMS-«worm» Sexy View, designed to attack smartphones. The virus sends messages to users in the contact list, SMS with the suggestion to go and evaluate the amazing photos and a link to the website.
Username passed by reference is sent, because I think that it is sent by someone you know. The site prompts the user to install the application that sends and more "worm" for all contact information. "Worm" sends information about the phone their creators, who then use that information to send SMS-spam. It is also the first "worm" that affects mobile phones around identity protection is installed on the newest models of smartphones.
But viruses in smartphones - this is not the Internet epidemic that is dangerous for ordinary computers. Users of mobile phones today are suffering more from various types of fraud. This was mentioned in an article which became one of the most popular are:
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