Security at work online
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Internet attracts visitors not only respectable, but the sea of different scams that are looking to make money through dishonest or just poznuschatysya, pidsunuvshy to your computer malware. And even if you have not stored on disk is nothing of value, your computer can be used as a launching pad for attacks on other sites.
This project - to teach you the basics of security, you must follow when accessing the Internet.
Security can not be complete, since evil and protection - a struggle of Finance and we can not always put in so much protection, so you can get confidence in security. Still very much in this struggle depends on the user. No, not on his financial ability, but from his ability to not yield to blatant advertising to visit a particular site, kupytysya to "freebie" to play a new game, the first new video download, run to get "lucky win" and others.
Theater begins with a wardrobe, and Web safety begins with the browser, so start with configuring individual browsers to safety.
Read and implement:
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