Project PREY not allow thief to escape with your laptop
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If you frequently work on your laptop outside the home and office, it is time to think about what happens if someone wants to steal it from you.

Help find stolen laptop help Prey - free program that shows you where your lost pet. With the announced features, the most interesting are:

  • program finds the point of open wi-fi and vidstukuye "through them on its location;
  • it can use the built-in GPS device and try to identify heolokatsiyu per access point;

  • it can photograph the face abductor built vebkameroy!
  • may produce a loud sound that will help catch the thief in early abduction;
  • can take screenshots of what happens to the stolen laptop, and write log of visited Web pages and a list of newly created files;
  • program written in bash, and therefore does not suffer compatibility problems and works really quietly;

The program is very flexible in configuration and can operate with user-friendly web interface and via e-mail;

In fact, Resident program will now ping Prey server every 20 minutes (you can change the interval) and test whether loss of laptop mode is active.

The program is so great that even the beloved laptop theft may be for you a real detective adventure;)

So the first reports appeared after the author himself in his own stolen Macbook Pro:
1. Come e-mail, which stated that began tracking:

2. After 5 minutes, the author told a lot of interesting things, identifying its location to within ± 50 meters, but no GPS in the computer it is not!


3. They made photos of the author, nothing betrayed the camera work! (Usually it burns Green blinker)

4. They made high-quality desktop screenshot author (reduced quality specifically for the article):)

5. Author and scared off the tracking of the thief!

Do not envy thieves:)

By the way, PREY works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

The program can be downloaded from developers Prey Project.

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