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The book Mogilny S.B."Methods and tools of business intelligence in the Internet" (in Ukrainian)

Search the Web - is not only 1-3 words entered into Google or Yandex. The most valuable and most necessary is usually hidden much deeper. The ability to quickly find the information is very valuable because "the information is not expensive, and its absence."
The book is accessible language will teach you how to become pros in the wilds of the Internet, do not get lost in them, to circumvent the dangerous "sites, bins and found their" diamonds. " Ability to seek and find in any language, to gain access to where the "alien" is not allowed to have information about changes to the site immediately - it's not a fantasy, but just a professional search the web.

I am sure that you afford to become a professional!

Photo Report from the presentation of the book Mogilny SB "Methods and tools of business intelligence in the Internet" (in Ukrainian)


Compilationof teaching materials from "MONITORING THE APPEARANCE OF NEW RESOURCES ON THE INTERNET", MAN, Kyiv, 2013

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