Online recorded wave of fake antivirus MySecureEngine
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Friday, 21 May 2010 18:22

Anti-virus laboratory PandaLabs registered rapid spread of Web pages covered by fake antivirus MySecureEngine, the search engines. In this case as "bait" used many expected the final episode of Lost» (Lost).

In this way the spread of fake antivirus is not unusual. A user searches the Internet for information related to serial: news latest episode, sites where you can watch it online. The search results appear fake web pages. They skillfully indexed, and a higher placement in search engines. If the user clicks on one of these links are offered to download the file (eg codec), and this time on a computer installed fake antivirus.

Other serials and films also often used as bait to spread malware. PandaLabs has detected a similar attack using keywords such as Glee, «Family Guy» (The Family Guy) and "Iron Man 2» (Iron Man 2).

Name recently deceased rock singer from the group Rainbow and Black Sabbath Ronnie James Dio also used to spread a powerful attack code Black Hat SEO across the network.

Luis Korrons, CTO PandaLabs, said: "We did not stop surprising speed with which you created, and then indexed in the search results multiple websites. As we approach the final episode of Lost »(Lost), we expect to increase the number of malicious links in two or even three times."

Anti-virus experts recommend that users be careful when visiting various web sites found through search engines. Make sure that the pages of this trust. "Common sense and a reliable revised security - are the two best ways to protect against these threats" - adds Korrons.

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