Google will launch an encrypted version of search engine
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In future weeks, Google plans to offer a new opportunity for users of its search engine. Vice-president of search products Marissa Mayer, Google at a meeting with investors said that the company intends to protect user search queries, missing part of the search traffic through the SSL protocol.

"Earlier this year we have built protection for all email users of Gmail, but next week we will offer it to a version of Google Search, which is encrypted," - she said. Recall that Google started to encrypt data sent within Gmail, hacking attempts after discovery of several mailboxes of users in China and Hong Kong.

For more details about the new features Google plans to unveil at the conference Google I/O for future weeks. Now the company refused to say how this can be implemented.

"This is a good opportunity. We definitely see growth in encrypted traffic across the Internet. Now, if you work online through a public network at the airport or restaurant, many who can access your data search," - says Mark Mayfri Director information technology security consulting firm FireEye.

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