PDF Security has been greatly exaggerated
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Thursday, 06 May 2010 08:05

(Source RU: zone.ru)

Many users are accustomed to believe that the most vulnerable to malicious software are documents Word. However, recent studies in this area have shown that today the most popular cyber-criminals are beginning to use the file format PDF.

Many experts called the situation not only as catastrophic. Indeed, according to statistics, the number of malicious software aimed at the shortcomings PDF, in 2007-2008 amounted to only about 2%. Last year the figure was already 17%. And for the first three months of this year - 28%. How to specialists, this trend stems from the fact that the protection of browsers and operating systems are constantly improved. Many of them are already "too tough" much of the cyber criminals. A "hole" now can be found in various products Adobe. Such products are installed on almost any computer, and users tend to believe that these products are the safest to use.

The first issue raised analysts McAfee, but after experts sounded the alarm, and Microsoft. According to reports, more than 46% of exploits that in the second half of last year threatened the security of computer users, have been calculated precisely for the "hole" in the application for reading PDF-files - Acrobat Reader. Agree with them and experts Symantec: in 2008 for PDF files have been targeted just 11% of attacks, and next year the figure was 49%.

Not very clear in this regard, the position Adobe: its experts, as usual, all the problems blamed on users who do not seem concerned about time you upgrade your software. The only thing that was done - was launched a special service, which downloads all the new releases without requests from users. However, seeing the public's concern, the company plans in future to introduce so-called "sandbox" - a method that has proved its effectiveness in the work of Google Chrome. This method consists in the fact that the processes are separated not only from each other, but also from the rest of the system. Use clear: even if the exploit is able to penetrate, their activities will be limited to the narrow limits and will not cause harm to the system. It is assumed that such a system will be introduced this year, and use it to start including the format and Flash.

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