52% of social networking users not hide personal information
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Wednesday, 05 May 2010 13:59

(Source RU: webplanet.ru)

52 percent of adults social networking users post on their personal information pages, with many of them do not use privacy settings. These findings come representatives of the American Consumers Union and analyze a recent survey.

The remaining digits are no less interesting:

  • Last year about 1.7 million households were victims of theft of personal data.
  • Approximately 5.4 million online customers gave their personal data Fisher.
  • 8 percent of adult users social networks openly publish date of birth, including year.
  • Almost half of visitors with children hang in sharing their children with photographs.
  • Eight percent publish his home address.
  • Procedure 5.1 million families last year encountered the Net into trouble like malware, fraud and abuse.

Equally joylessly picture opens, when viewed separately users Facebook. For example:

  • Participants 23 percent of the social network did not even know that the site is the ability to hide one or other personal information and privacy preferences so they do not use.
  • 42 percent of Facebook users publish date of birth, including year.
  • 7 percent hang his home address, while 3 percent carefully warn anyone interested when they are away.
  • 18.4 million users of Facebook thoughtlessly set its various add-ons page. As a result of last year through such applications have been infected at least 1.8 million computers.

Unfortunately, things Runet similar situation is no better or even worse - in any case, analysis of stolen bases last year passwords "VKontakte" brings us precisely to such conclusions.

By publishing the results of his survey, Consumers Union makes the following conclusion: "We believe that users should not only be responsible for keeping their personal data. Social networks should improve security policies and engage in education users.

Interestingly, this conclusion is fully consistent with what was done in one of our reviews: "Users have to defend and explain. However, Webplaneta believes that will not put the responsibility to protect and training alone social networks: it requires active participation and Internet providers, because they reveal the users' window to the world.

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