Application for site optimization: SEO SpyGlass Enterprise 3.14.5
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Saturday, 08 May 2010 18:34

SEO SpyGlass Enterprise - a powerful tool for the analysis of incoming links, site optimization and promotion in search engines. SEO SpyGlass unique that only this program can find more than 1000 references (out of 50000 found)

The main task is to find out product analysis and reference sites competing strategies and provide comprehensive information about the main factors that affect ranking site to various search engines (Google, Yahoo! And other search engines in different countries).

Product Benefits:

  • High speed data collection and processing (gathering information on site takes 5-10 minutes on average 5-6 times faster than competitors)
  • Providing detailed reports for clients with simple and exhaustive step-by-site optimization.
  • Flexible search engines including Google and Yahoo! (Plus their regional versions for UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Australia, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and many other countries).
  • Analysis of multiple factors that influence the ranking (number of incoming links, Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, link value, age of the site and many others)
  • Data export to other programs (formats CSV, XML, HTML, TXT, SQL)
  • Cross-platform (supporting Windows, Mac OS X, Linux).

SEO SpyGlass Enterprise allows you to:

  • learn how your site is and hold high positions in the issuance of search engines;
  • avoid miscalculations inevitably arise when building optimization strategies by trial and error;
  • build a competent strategy for optimizing the site and see it in the first place to issue the search engines for the desired request;
  • ready to provide customers detailed instructions on how to optimize your site;

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