Media Browser v5.1 - download video and audio files from sites (, YouTube, etc.).
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Sunday, 16 May 2010 20:52

Media Browser - a program to search, download video and audio files from the pages of popular sites (, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and others.), Which complements a number of similar programs YoutubeGet and Conceiva DownloadStudio.

Media Browser is designed as all the usual Internet Explorer: a navigation features work with bookmarks, search features links to video and audio files, features sorting, filtering and so on.

On servers,,,, saved millions of tracks in MP3, movies, clips. Media Browser will help you find and download any track or film clip. All music and videos online will be available to you at any time
Media Browser also has sorting and filtering features music and video, able to convert FLV to AVI, MP4, MOV, MP3 for PC and iPod, iPhone, mobile phones.

Media Browser free download allows movies and clips on any pages, online videos are inserted.

Media Browser lets you upload videos from YouTube in a format MP4 - High quality-Mobile/iPodMP4 for any online video that makes the program unique among similar.

Media Browser knows how to get photos of the closed pages: hidden links to files on closed pages are generated automatically for each user, and for user groups.

To watch the closed file in contact enough to go to the user and the program will generate a link to user album collection.


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