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Wednesday, 05 May 2010 09:11

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SiteSputnik - The main purpose of the program: search, collection, analysis and monitoring information.

Using multiple search engines look as if you are working with a search engine. Marketed Connection Wizard new search engines and search tools on sites with embedded search. Supports concurrent execution of requests to 10000 with the association results or separately, called batch search. Any packages, and queries can be parameterized and executed from the library of ready search solutions with the substitution of actual values. Powerful search tasks can be drawn from ready-made: queries, query packets and packets with options. Each request can be made on if and only on the search engine on the query language, which it is written. Marketed meta site. There is a meta only office documents. Collection of cache copies links from major search engines. We calculate the required communication facilities for their intersection (reference) on the same links, resources, folders, sites and domains. Media monitoring, news and other sources. Monitoring sites for the emergence of these new and updated links. Monitoring the content links. The results stored in a database, creating a kind of cache - a detailed story of your work. The program can build visible via the Internet (out of several search engines) web map sites, resources, and desired objects. Implemented a set of basic search functions to the Invisible Web (Deep Web). The program is constantly being improved in the direction: "I want to find all and with a guarantee."

What's new:

  • Media monitoring and news sources.
  • Assembler, through which you can collect complex search assignments from ready: queries, query packets and packets with options.
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