Ukrainian site hit the TOP-6 pirate resources
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Friday, 21 May 2010 18:18

Congressional Working Group on combating international piracy in its next report (PDF) called the five "most pirated countries and labeled six most harmful pirate organizations.

Among the countries whose violations of copyright undermine the U.S. economy, congressmen carried Russia, China, Canada, Spain and Mexico. It is noted that these countries not only highlighted the high level of piracy

but also because of "lack of political will to understand the problem face to face".

"Striking that piracy comes not only from countries like Russia or China, but also from Canada and Mexico, who are our largest trading partners," - comments by Senator Orin Hatch. By the way, in a break between battles with copyright violators, Senator popysuye songs. Presenting a report on piracy, Hatch took the opportunity and at the same time popiaryly his new disc - not just to get up twice because of his age every unnecessary movement can lead to massive sand storm.

In paragraph report about Russia deserves a separate mention of St. Petersburg, where the alleged sale Kontrafakt is common for retail chains.

In the list of six "worst" pirate organizations other than The Pirate Bay, entered the Chinese search engine Baidu, the Canadian-torrent tracker IsoHunt, Ukrainian resource mp3fiesta, Luxembourg and German RapidShare.

The presence in the list of German hosters little surprising, because a couple of weeks ago Appeals Court Düsseldorf ruled that RapidShare is not responsible for their users who violate copyrights. It follows that U.S. senators apparently do not read news from abroad. However, reading the local news in case they are not very well: most recently the Office of State responsibility, the U.S. officially recognized that the damage from piracy exaggerated and loss account is "kopirastami" correctly.

Incidentally, late last week a British musician Mick Jagger in an interview with BBC B "told of his vision of so-called" damage ". "People are making money on recording very long. When the Rolling Stones started, we got nothing from the sale of records, because record companies do not pay anything - Jagger said. - They did not pay anybody, only then was short of the 70 th on 97-year and when people got money. paid very well and then all earned. But this period has passed.

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