Disconnected the world's first Usenet-server
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Friday, 21 May 2010 18:13

May 20 quit the world's first Usenet-server he spent over 30 years, said in a press release issued at the American University of Duke.

Server launched in 1979 by students of Master Duke Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis. Then they wrote a program to exchange messages and files with other institutions - the University of North Carolina (UNC) - via telephone modem. Development helped to create the first group, which became the basis of network Usenet.

Gradually, Usenet has grown to 120 000 newsgroups with subscribers worldwide. It preceded the emergence of the World Wide Web (World Wide Web). Thus recently the number of users Usenet-networks steadily decreased.

Among the reasons for turning off the server Duke employees called small number of users and high costs. Usenet is a modern alternative feeds RSS, forums, blogs and social networks.

In early May, plans to close 4000 newsgroups announced Microsoft. The company plans to roll smoothly Usenet-groups and invited their subscribers to move to relevant sections of the official forums.

(Source RU: podrobnosti.ua)

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