Google will fight for the option on Rapidshare
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Thursday, 06 May 2010 21:44

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Google asked the U.S. Court of complaint record label, which had sought to condemn us. Search engine is going to prove that file sharing links to Rapidshare, where users often placed Reserved material illegally, to issue not promote piracy.

Google Complaint by the independent recording company Blue Destiny Records, filed in U.S. court, occupies 96 pages, reports Reuters. It search engine requires the court to give an explanation that links to Rapidshare are not conducive to grant copyright infringement of third parties even if users are downloading this or other content on the mentioned file sharing did so illegally.

Last year Blue Destiny Records filed in court in Florida, the U.S. lawsuit against Google, Microsoft and Rapidshare. It Rapidshare called "center of distribution of illegal copies of materials protected by copyright, search engines and Microsoft (Bing) and Google accused of promoting its activities. Released by explaining that users can not find the cost of file sharing illegally posted content in search results.

In March 2010 the label has withdrawn a lawsuit and now Google has decided to go to the counter-attack. Complaint Filed searcher to the same court, which had been committed to the company in consideration of adult content publisher Perfect 10. In a dispute about the right search engine indexing copyrighted images belonging to Perfect 10, won Google.

In April 2010 Rapidshare announced its plans to remove from the web sites linking to pirated material hosters - search engines and link directories on In May, a German court decided that Rapidshare should take responsibility for adding users to file sharing of pirated materials in any way to filter them.

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