Want Internet? Show your passport
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Thursday, 06 May 2010 20:15

(Source RU: svobodanews.ru)

By Igor Karney (Minsk)

From 1 July all over Belarus visitors access points to the Internet - as a specially-equipped clubs and internet cafes - will be required to produce proof of identity. This decision is contained in the decree of the Council of Ministers.

"Providing data services to a customers is made after identification of the user through a calculation of its personal data: name, surname, name, type and number of the document, allowing for identification of its owner and name of the issuing body. This is a piece of government document, which regulates access of citizens of Belarus to the network of Internet clubs.

The representative of one of Minsk internet cafe Dmitry Gordienko confirmed that appropriate instructions have been received:

- Yes, from July 1 internet cafes will have all users are logged. Interested primarily a list of sites that are visited with a specific computer. We are obliged to keep all this information.

In addition, specify the source of Radio Liberty, the owners referred to institutions required to keep electronic journals and identifiable information about subscribers' devices: MAC address, internal and external IP-address, date and time of the connection and the domain name or IP-address Internet resources that are accessed by the user.

Director Minsk Internet club Alexei Gusev no secret that online community aback by the new requirements for visitors:

- Opinions on this subject, of course, different polarity, since each of the subject suitable in different ways. But generally in the world do not have a system which, like ours, is trying to completely regulate the Internet. Although, as I think many, many countries think about this. But not many dare to take this step.

The decision of the Council of Ministers "On some issues to improve the use of the national segment of the global computer network Internet, says that until July 1, stationed on the territory of Belarus, online resources, information systems and networks are subject to state registration. In case of failure to comply with the provision of Internet services may be suspended.

Former Head of State and Law Department of the Presidential Administration of Belarus Alexander Plaskavitsky commented on the State's desire to keep abreast of virtual events:

- Of course, power has created a condition for interference in the Internet space. There was nothing else visible. This means one thing: the officials are now more carefully read the internet and he had "offended". How childish insults: read about myself, feeling unloved. Because every possible way try to limit access to the network primarily to those who made the fight against the power of its purpose. So, I think, planned some point bombing. Although in this case turned almost carpet, because cover anyone who believes that the Internet - a window to freedom.

In turn, the ISPs will be required to provide public authorities with information about accommodation in Byelorussia sites. Including - data on the electronic boxes, lists of network addresses, the data on the rights of a natural or legal person on these resources, as well as other information that earlier agreement on the placement sites are not fixed. According to the document, data transmission services should be provided under a contract entered into between telecommunications operators and the subscriber, user or provider of telecommunications services.

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