RapidShare reflected from accusations of piracy
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Wednesday, 05 May 2010 13:56

(Source RU: webplanet.ru)

Düsseldorf Court of Appeal ruled that RapidShare company is not liable for users of its file hosting that violate the copyright, reports heise online.

Earlier RapidShare German company lost the court Capelight Pictures, which is licensed rental discs with movies. According to the verdict, the owners fayloshovyscha were found responsible for the actions of users and had to organize services so as to deny users the possibility to teach some materials (in this case - certain types of movies).

re appealed this decision - and successfully. Court of Appeal, first admitted the company operates under strict law, and secondly, is not obliged to introduce preventive measures offered by the plaintiff. The judges found inappropriate content filtering by keyword or file format, and recognized that manual premoderatsiyi RapidShare require too large human resources.

CEO Christian Schmidt (Christian Schmid) expressed joy in connection with such turn of events. "This decision shows that attempts to condemn our business model as illegal ultimately not succeed," - he said.

About Capelight Pictures reaction we're not aware, although it is easy to predict.

This is not the only case where the copyright owner tried to put on RapidShare burden of filtering materials Reserved. In earlier cases, not much saved us even appellate courts.

The latest lawsuits, lost RapidShare, you can mark the processes associated with set music and music books. In both cases, the judge demanded that the file storage independently monitor users and prevent all attempts to violate the law.

Obviously, call RapidShare still trying to account all those who do not laziness, Inspired by the success of "pioneer" in the courts. The company did not even stood and began to put pressure on repeat violators of copyright and threaten court sites that link to distribute pirated content.

It is possible that a successful appeal against sentence cool the ardor holders. Then, maybe, a little rest and RapidShare.

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