Twitter banned torrents
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Tuesday, 04 May 2010 13:27

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Microblogging service Twitter has blocked ekaunty torrent tracker and search engine YourBitTorrent TorrentSurf. No warnings or explanations owners ekauntov not received.

Nevertheless, it seems that this time it is not about kopirasticheskom conspiracy, because other sites like microblog direction until it is available.

Lock, probably linked to the banal violation of the rules of service, which equates publishing posts with links to spam (in case of microblog no other records without links). For such violation provided a permanent lock.

Of course, the microblogging service could be "personal reasons" to dislike. As recently as February it was reported that an attack on user accounts, produced via file-sharing networks. This attack was made possible by the modified torrent engine. On the other hand, his attitude to the protocol BitTorrent "Twitter" expressed clearly enough, claiming that he was going to use this protocol for more rapid exchange of files between its own servers.

To date, hard to find a site where users were not asked to receive the links to the updates via the Twitter ". As the owner of the site YourBitTorrent Rex Cruz: "I read the rules, that publish only one link is not allowed because it can be taken as spam. But if you look at page CNN [...], you will notice that they do not publish nothing but links.

Interestingly, this paragraph of the rules theoretically opens the door to competition. Especially that "snitched" on the competitor actively publish the link, can anyone in a single click (it is another thing that one such complaint may be enough). And since most users are no agreements and rules can not read, lock ekaunta without the right to "defrosting" may become for them a complete surprise.

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