E-Book: InternetFree@.ru («Free@» in Internet-3)
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Tuesday, 18 May 2010 08:40

This is the third, the most appropriate book from which you will learn about new, free way to download movies, music, programs, games, which replaced the torrent - download it via "magnetic" link. The method is unique in that it does not require nor any registration of private torrent trackers or any ranking!

Just seconds through catalogs magnetic links you find the desired file and pressing a button - just start download!

Understand about services that allow sending free SMS messages worldwide for all existing mobile operators. The book introduces a unique service from which you can download expensive licensed software, and full versions (no trial), free and legally. Each day one new expensive program! Currently a lot of free programs that according to his ability no less than any expensive fee. So why pay? In the "free utility program you can find complete information about them. Where to download, how to install, configure and how to use!

And much more ...

(Source RU: mirknig.com)

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