E-Book: Optimization and website promotion in search engines
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Saturday, 08 May 2010 11:02

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Питер | И.Ашманов, А.Иванов | Оптимизация и продвижение сайтов в поисковых системах | 2008 | 401 с. | рус.

The book is addressed directly to those who are new to search engine optimization and looking for the most effective solution to this problem, but will be useful and necessary because summarizes the extensive practical experience of its authors.

How to attract interested visitors to the site without investing vast sums of money in advertising? How do you go to is your customers? Why some sites are often found through search engines and others - are not? On all these questions the authors of the book - are actively practicing professionals with extensive work experience. After reading it, you'll learn how the search engines and directories, as users seek information, how to promote the site, ie, demanding that users come to your site and buying from you. Detailed discussion of modern methods of network advertising and promotion of innovative methods, provides specific recommendations on optimizing sites with different themes.

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