E-Book: Contextual Advertising: the basics, secrets, tricks
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Friday, 07 May 2010 17:51

БХВ-Петербург | Яковлев А.А. | Контекстная реклама: основы, секреты, трюки | ISBN:978-5-9775-0358-7 | 2009 | 273 р.

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The book contains the necessary and sufficient knowledge for self-study on the effective management of advertising companies contextual advertising in promoting sites of any complexity. Describes the modern methods of work with systems of contextual advertising (Yandex, Google AdWords, runners), characteristics of advertising campaigns in various search engines, describes methods of testing the effectiveness of investments in contextual advertising. Practical advice on finding and analyzing keywords, writing ads and landing pages, the problems and solution methods klikfroda (fraudulent clicks). The book is based on the materials of the course content SEO-Study.ru, practical examples of seminars and trainings.

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